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Quick! Duct tape your windows!

When you hear the news piece about the scientists who “made the deadly flu virus” and the US government’s request to partially censor the publication, know this: (1) they only showed that the recombinant virus transmitted between ferrets, not humans, not even primates.  Even … Continue reading

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Why are you taking this class?

“Of key importance are the differences between the students’ agendas for higher education and those propounded in college mission statements.   Assumption College, for example, requires students to study literature in the fond hope that these courses will support students in … Continue reading

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Frequency of nocturnal unicorns & horses

Whether gender stereotypes are learned or genetically programmed traits is debated.  Anectdotal accounts from parents suggest that they are genetically determined, although the role of environmtal ques, such as princess-style high heeled shoed given as gifts to a 3 year old girl … Continue reading

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Ersatz learning & inauthentic teaching

Been spending a lot of time lately on the long drive to & from school thinking about how to better teach my non-majors introductory courses.  How to engage students who don’t appear to be reading the book.  How to shift the … Continue reading

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