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Deformed pea plant!

Just a little update on how the tortured little pealets are doing. Water soaked peas and walnut soaked peas are doing fine. 5/5 are growing.  No noticeable differences: The sweetgum soaked peas however, are not doing so well.  Only 3/5 … Continue reading

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What allelopathy looks like

While I am trying to study allelopathy in a petri dish, it is a very real phenomena that you can see.  Come take a walk in the woods behind our building so I can show you: Stop #1 This small … Continue reading

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I wonder what would happen if I planted these seeds

One reason I wasn’t the world’s most successful researcher was my habit of occasionally (perhaps more than occasionally) starting experiments without a clear idea of what I was looking for.  Ideally, when you start an experiment you want to have … Continue reading

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Damned Peas (statistics later)

Back in the day, when I was a full time research nerd, I would sometimes dream of doing experiments in my garage.  Ok, at the time we didn’t have a garage, but my desire was to do science on the … Continue reading

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