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Correlation or Causation

So I turn in my grades for the summer semester and within 1 hour that sore throat I had appears to have gone away.  Hmmmm. Advertisements

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You can always tell when I am getting towards the end of the semester.  My posts in here start to become more frequent and this Summer session is no different.  I had wanted this to be the Summer of Figuring Out What Worked Last Semester, but that hasn’t worked out so far.   Luckily there is still time.

Last semester I was a born again apostle of Dr. Sanjoy Mahajan, formerly of  MIT, who taught an extremely thought provoking course on teaching science which I listened to over the Winter break.

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Mosquito larva, green algae and hand grenades over dinner

In what is becoming a common occurrence these days, our 3 year old daughter became fascinated with the mosquito larva in a bucket full of rainwater and asked to look at them in the microscope.  I set it up so … Continue reading

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Pond Rotifers and Algae

I woke up early this morning with the intention of grading some exams but was distracted by the microscope.  Last night the kids and I had looked at the pond water and discovered that the pond has bloomed with rotifers. … Continue reading

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