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What is critical thinking?

Believe it or not, this is not the easiest question to answer, but its kind of important if, for instance, you are formally assessing student CT in your course to try and measure if you are having any effect on … Continue reading

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Sideboards are Just Swell

In a previous post, I mentioned finding the work of John Sweller while frantically preparing for a teaching grant to allow me to get more “enquiry-based learning” going on in my classes. Sweller argues that.. well, consider this title of … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle with Juglone

After spending a whole summer teaching on a different campus where it wasn’t feasible to keep up my garage-style experiments on Juglone, I am finally back at my home campus.  One of the first things I did to avoid writing … Continue reading

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Clearly Critically Thinking?

I have been making a real effort to assess my student’s ability to think critically this semester in a more formal way and posted the following questions for them to answre attached to the graph below.  Are the questions clear? … Continue reading

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I am changing my major to Math

Today Todd and I had to go out hunting pillbugs for next week’s sci method labs. He taught me how to tell a sedge (Family Cyperacea) from a grass (Family Poacea) [sedges have very triangular stems and very distinct fruits … Continue reading

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Bing gives me a tennis racket, Google: can you ever forgive me?

I am preparing for my Microbiology class that starts next week and remembered a certain fascinating little group of organisms called Mycoplasmas.  They cause “walking pneumonia” and are fascinating microbiologically becuase they (1) live in all of us and (2) … Continue reading

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