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Tribolium disease: Nosema

Nosema (Apicomplexa) – kills late in larval or pupal stage, few individuals reach adult stage.  Infected adults have lower fecundity (but what about lifespan?) 1960 J. Parasitology, 2005 J. Invert. Path. Advertisements

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Inside Out?

Naturally, when you look at an insect you think: “I wonder if I can sterilize the outside of that thing, crush it up in sterile media and plate the resulting goo to see if any microbes from the inside will … Continue reading

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Death on time and Emergence

Adult count – 0.   According to my calculations, this last little dude assumed room temperature bit the dust at about 6:13am Sunday morning.  Of course I am not 100% sure of that time, as I was home getting ready for … Continue reading

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Adult count 1

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Come and knock on my door….

Adult count: 3 Only a weirdo would let this get to them, but why can’t I keep these adult beetles alive?  Obvious possibility is that cous cous isn’t preferred (but they have gone through a full cycle on it). Transferred … Continue reading

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And then there were 5.

  Adult count: 5.     I put in some baker’s yeast two days ago, hoping the decline was some sort of B vitamin deficiency.  These beetles should last for years.  Perhaps they like cous cous about as much as … Continue reading

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A recent problem

I love misperceptions in the classroom.  More specifically, I love it when they  are exposed in the classroom.  More correctly, I can’t teach effectively unless I know what those misperceptions are.  When I notice a misperception that comes up in … Continue reading

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