Beau Handsome (or, Thoughts While Watching Students Take a Test)

StayPuftTVGBeauveria bassiana, asexual form (“anamorph” for the word collectors) of Cordyceps bassiana, the Gozer of fungi (more pictures).

Why no sex, Beauveria? Is that an independent variable we can play with?

Widely found in soils and grows on MacConkey agar!!! I am pretty sure I have seen this growing in our Sabouraud agar plates for the soil microbiology lab in past semesters. Paper in last link also contains information on yeast versus mold form…. we are going to need to be able to grow this as a yeast and count cells accurately for hemocoel injections. LD50 at 2dpi is 10,000 conidiospores. [Jeff chase down synchronization methods for culturing conidiospores… is that important here… how heterogenous will these mixtures be… that could affect reproducibility]

UGA Nancy: species specificity might be a problem. Good point.

Top scan adult count:

7 adults

0 pupae

1 large larva

Oodles of teeny tiny larvae

(ok, I pawed around a little with my hands to find the large larva)


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I am an Associate Professor in the Science Department at Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston. I teach introductory biology courses at both the majors and non-majors level in addition to microbiology. Previous to that I spent 7 years as a postdoctoral researcher on different viruses. While I don't miss being on the "grant treadmill", I think better when I write and miss writing up data for papers and grants; this blog helps me with that a little. And sometimes my kids' insanely funny and cute antics need to be shared with the world. Any view expressed in this blog is that of me personally and not Georgia Perimeter College or the GPC Clarkston Science Department.
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