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What’s on the surface of insects?

Step 1: The pond at Newton GPC (annoyingly fancified by Google) Step 2: Step 3: Place each insect into sterile* 4 dram vials containing Alga Gro Media, incubate for a period of time long enough to back to pond with … Continue reading

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No shortcuts

The fact that Chlorella grows so slowly isn’t a problem for me personally, I don’t have time to attend to this stuff every day so it kind of works out nicely.  BUT, if I want to come up with projects … Continue reading

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Storage of Chlorella

According to this group, store on autotrophic agar slants incubated 2 weeks in light then into ref.  Restreak every month.  Perhaps freezing just isn’t something that is done.

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Like an autotroph from the ashes

My my my, how fast 6 months can go by.  Due to extracurricular insanity, I wasn’t able to move any of this forward, but have recently picked it up again. It might be good to restate what I am trying … Continue reading

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