This is where I come to talk out loud – thats how I think. I have a habit of talking to myself as I think, so its fitting that very few people visit this (I am typing to myself).  Read a few posts and you will see that I have no problems looking like a fool.  As long as I am learning I am happy. Mostly the content is derived from questions that come up while preparing for classes or questions from students for which I have no answer (or maybe a lame answer that I wasn’t happy with).  Also observations of my reason for being: my son and daughter.    The name of this blog used to be “Interspecies” to reflect my fascination with interactions between very different species (virus:host, plant:animal, plant:plant, fungi:algae etc) but I changed it this morning to reflect who I am: a Californian transplanted to the Southeast trying to learn some local natural history.


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