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D-trich, the spirochetes in your intestines and the ponies on the floor.

In the figure below (on the left) is an electron micrograph of the  Deltatrichonympha a protist that lives in the guts of termites.  Those little hairs on its surface aren’t hairs at all but leetle bacteria that have embedded themselves in … Continue reading

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A much needed Oligocene distraction

The kids and I escaped to Girard, Georgia today to hunt for agate near the Savanah River with the Georgia Mineral Society and my officemate’s family.  Its on the outer edge of the kid’s patience with car trips (3 hours … Continue reading

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Frequency of nocturnal unicorns & horses

Whether gender stereotypes are learned or genetically programmed traits is debated.  Anectdotal accounts from parents suggest that they are genetically determined, although the role of environmtal ques, such as princess-style high heeled shoed given as gifts to a 3 year old girl … Continue reading

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