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Are extrinsic and intrinsic motivation relevant variables in learning?

Only cited 5 times in Google Scholar, but this study gets at some interesting ideas.  95 male college students are classified as  Type A or Type B according to the Framingham  Type A Scale (same Framingham as the heart study) … Continue reading

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Cubes versus naked women (books please)

In Sanjoy Mahajan’s 2009 course on teaching he states that You know if you know anyone who’s a symphony orchestra player, they say, oh yeah, the best way to start hating music is to be a professional musician. They love … Continue reading

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I hate correct answers

I don’t normally blog about anything happening in a class during the semester because I don’t want students thinking that anything they say will end up here, but this I must post.  As I say in my profile, I write … Continue reading

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Packing mental boxes

My qualification to teach Microbiology at the College comes from my degree in Immunology & Molecular Pathogenesis that came from a Department of Microbiology. There I took graduate courses in Virology, Biochemistry, Eukaryotic & Prokaryotic Cell Biology and of course, … Continue reading

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The Lecture System Describes most of my undergraduate classes at UC Davis almost perfectly.  Luckily I had learned from some teacher at Antelope Valley Community College that I should tape record lectures, then rewrite my notes while listening to that … Continue reading

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Pathogens in a parking lot & gratuitous fecal references

Teaching 4/5 classes a semester can leave little time for thinking about your teaching (especially if you have young children). Even with a class release this semester, I find myself with very little time to think ahead more than 1 … Continue reading

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What is critical thinking?

Believe it or not, this is not the easiest question to answer, but its kind of important if, for instance, you are formally assessing student CT in your course to try and measure if you are having any effect on … Continue reading

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