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Storage of Chlorella

According to this group, store on autotrophic agar slants incubated 2 weeks in light then into ref.  Restreak every month.  Perhaps freezing just isn’t something that is done. Advertisements

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Springtails even when its cold outside

I reset the pit trap this morning not expecting to see much because the high today was supposed to be about 43 degrees.  To my surprise, in only 7 hours I had hundreds of Springtails again.  I assumed that it … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle with Juglone

After spending a whole summer teaching on a different campus where it wasn’t feasible to keep up my garage-style experiments on Juglone, I am finally back at my home campus.  One of the first things I did to avoid writing … Continue reading

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Mosquito larva, green algae and hand grenades over dinner

In what is becoming a common occurrence these days, our 3 year old daughter became fascinated with the mosquito larva in a bucket full of rainwater and asked to look at them in the microscope.  I set it up so … Continue reading

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